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Franco Ferrari: the witness of hatred.


A reporter or a photographer ? Franco Ferrari was both in its continuous wandering the dangerous roads on the planet. Telling the place of suffering, death, war , famine, and portray the uncomfortable truth that most are not aware , it has never been easy for anyone, either behind or in front of a lens to a camera or with the pen and the notebook.
The reporter for more than thirty years he has chosen this profession with a lot of human involvement and ' high risk involved in going through a world of strong emotions .
Franco Ferrari is actually a journalist , but in all that time did not disdain to take pictures with equal passion .
The mechanical means with which to work are reduced to a few lenses and a way to resume the dramatic moments , topical and of "normality" in difficult countries , it is immediate , punchy and shrinks from any possible form of aesthetic appeal , and above all without ever built fall into self-righteousness .
His photographs are not always perfect in the composition or in the cut, but it is a way of being able to see and reflect instantaneity of ' event or situation in which it is located , which conditions are often precarious .
We could define the ' essence of the report . None of this is extremely important because that expose just enough to make them extraordinary and manage to shake the conscience of many for the ' intensity and the harsh reality that they can show .
Looking at his pictures one can not remain insensitive to the stories that he lived and went on to describe for several decades.
The peculiarity of this greater photojournalist was to be at the right place at the right time . There 's armed struggle that has not followed , civil or military , and that it is his wealth of experience has become so vast after spending most of his life all' foreign .
From the urban riots in Lebanon, the Palestinian training camps in Bangladesh , Nepal , in the deserts with the oil wells set on fire by the soldiers of Saddam Hussein on the run during the first Gulf War. To then be the one between Iran and Iraq, among the remotest and snow-capped mountains in search of the Afghan rebels tougher , the line of demarcation between Ethiopia and Eritrea and the slimy trail of Ho Chi Minh and finally to the devastated Somalia in the hands of the Lords Islamic fundamentalism. But the ' list could go on .
Journalist for italian television , between a trip and another found also the time to engage successfully in non-fiction, poetry and painting with which he exposed numerous exhibitions beyond of ' Atlantic.
He has received several major awards in the field of ' information , including Max and David 's special envoy for the Silver Seagull.
Franco Ferrari died in  April 2000.






Ciad, 1981.        Libano negl' anni ottanta.        Somalia, 1977.

           Ciad, 1981                                 Libanon, 1983                                         Somalia, 1977


Bangladesh, 1971.     Cambogia, 1971.     Somalia, 1977.

         Bangladesh, 1971                               Cambodia, 1971                                     Somalia, 1977


Laos, anni settanta. Burma, 1980. Afghanistan, 1988. Libanon, 1985.

              Laos, 1970                              Burma, 1980            Afghanistan 1988                    Libanon, 1985


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