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Eddie Adams: images of the war.


Eddie Adams is dead in New York City. The photojournalist who has been on 13 conflicts and especially the Vietnam War, but was also involved in entertainment and fashion. His image has won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in 1969 with the execution of a Viet Cong in a street of Saigon. An image that has become a symbol, an icon of photojournalism. The publication of the picture shocked the world and was among the pictures that drove the American public to begin to oppose the war more convincingly with massive peaceful demonstrations in every city of the States.
Adams, as well as having worked extensively for 'Associated Press, he have made many portraits of politics, specially in the 'nineties.
Recently, Lou Gehrig's disease patient was cooperating with Parade magazine, what he called his "last job" before the end.
He had 71 years.

Gianluca Fiesoli, Italy, September 2004.





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