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                                                                     GENERAL COPYRIGHT AND TRANSFER CONDITIONS OF FIESOLI ARCHIVES.



The images of Web site - www.gianlucafiesoli.com - included the texts and of Archive of photographer Gianluca Fiesoli, included the originals, are not free of rights and they are protected by copyright  ©,  like of laws of Civil Code.

The methods and the dynamics of use for the clients, public or private, are determine of this agreement, that must be subscribed before of the employment.  Due to the nature of the photos contained in the Fiesoli Archive, some of them may be subjected to restrictions, especially those depicting people either famous or unknown, in public or private situations, living or dead.

These restrictions will be indicated and should be followed strictly.

The office of Gianluca Fiesoli expressly prohibits the use of images, included of Web site - on line, for not editorial use,

commercial, advertising......

Requiring for any other use previous written authorization from Gianluca Fiesoli.  We point out that all images of Fiesoli Archive are made only from himself.


1) The photos of Fiesoli Archive, the negatives, the  prints, and on the web are protected by copyright.

Gianluca Fiesoli has the faculty and the rights to sell reproduction rights, and prints to the italian clients and in the other countries.


2) The above pictures ( as defined in point 1 ) can be delivered to the client in the following ways:


- E –mail. ( Digital files ).


- Through CD-ROM or DVD.


- Cibachrome and negatives, colors or black and white.


Every single image can be used only once for one publication, in one language and one user whatever the medium.

The client is not allowed to insert images in any internal or external computer network, or, once printed, to distribute or use an image without previous authorisation by Gianluca Fiesoli.


3) The office of Gianluca Fiesoli when selling rights, gives only not exclusive reproduction rights, which belong to the photographer as art. 2581 of Civil Code, but do not handle the rights of people, subjects, trademarks shown in the pictures.

It will be care and client's responsability to obtain the release by photographed people, subjects, trademark as the laws right of portraits.


4) The images can be sent in low ( to a maximum of 1 MB ) or high resolution ( to a maximum 40 MB ).


a) In the first case ( low resolution ) pictures can only be used for a internal use and to create a layouts. Any other use is prohibited. When the low  resolution photos have no further use, the client agrees to destroy the digital image. If the client should decide to use the photos requested for layout, economic conditions which vary according to the characteristics of use should be defined before use: magazine, circulation, newspaper, duration of rights, countries of distribution of product, internet, size of image.........

b) Only high resolution images can be used and only once and in one product.

In any case the client undertakes to destroy all images obtained in high as well in low resolution or copies eventually produced during

pre-production within 60 days from the date in which the picture were downloaded from the Archive.

c) For the originals, cibachrome or negative, with this accord the client undertakes to return the images in a perfect conditions, faultless, after the pubblication date, not more of 60 days. For the digital photos are  same conditions.

Fiesoli is not to responsable after the delivery for the loss, omission, and in a case of losses in a time of grant, the photographer will can to avail onelself of a request damage that can change for the importance of photos, size of the image, year of the negative....


5) Invoicing: invoices will be issued on the day of usage of photos if there aren't a particulary agreements.  The prices change for the use and they are same for digital and original.

The clients must pay after 30 days the invoices. The clients undertakes to use the images in total respect of the context and they must to mention the name Gianluca Fiesoli and in a case that the photos is asked to agency that the photographer contribute with them it's necessary to mention the name with a caption. ( Gianluca Fiesoli/Agency).

Omission of credit will authorize the Gianluca Fiesoli to bill 100 % additional fee to the agreed cost of single picture.

The photographer is not responsible for eventual economic or moral consequences that come from improper use of images and texts, in

particulary for defamation uses or uses that violate the privacy rights of the people photographed.

The clients will release Gianluca Fiesoli and his studio from all moral and economic consequences derived from above specified improper uses and with this act the clients accept to rispect the contexts of images.


6) The clients must give to Studio Fiesoli a copy or clip of products or pubblications, in which images from the Fiesoli Archive were used.


7) No image in Fiesoli Archive and in web site is model released. It will be care and responsability of the clients to obtain release from the people, subjects, and the brands photographed or from the people  who own the rights in relation to the photographed things, objects, people.

If a client should need to use the photos for commercial usage, he will to receive a written authorization from Gianluca Fiesoli, after providing

 written documentation attesting having obtained release by the photographed people, trademarks, subjects.


8) It is clear that the images of Gianluca Fiesoli Archive and web site in internet, cannot be altered,  cropped or manipulated in any way and

with  any mechanical movements.

Gianluca Fiesoli will not be responsible for any moral and economic consequences deriving from an unauthorized intervention on the photos and the photographer will can to turn to the his actual legal italian.


9) Any controversy will be handled in accordance with the laws of Italy and parties here to submit to exclusive jurisdiction of the Italia Courts.




Name: ___________________________________________________________________


Editor, Magazine, Newspaper, Agency,.... ______________________________________


Address: _________________________________________________________________


City: _____________________________________________________________________


Country: _________________________________________________________________


CAP - Postal Code :_________________________________________________________


Telephone: ________________________________________________________________


Fax: _____________________________________________________________________


Mail: ____________________________________________________________________


Internet: _________________________________________________________________



Date: ___________________________________________________________________


Signature for complete and full acceptance of the above:





You must to come back us this copy complete to the fax. 39 - 055/88.74.539.

For to print the form english and italian versions are at this link:




For any information you can contact the Studio Fiesoli or the mobile phone of photographer:

320-08.60.408 or at his office: 39 - 055/88.74.539 or you can to send for e. mail to:





© gianlucafiesoli.com

Tutte le fotografie sono di proprietà di
Gianluca Fiesoli.

Nessuna parte dell’Archivio
può essere riprodotta o trasmessa
o fotocopiata senza
 il permesso del fotografo,
come da leggi italiane e internazionali
sui diritti d’autore.

All photos are property of
Gianluca Fiesoli.
No part of Fiesoli’s Archive
may be reproduced or pass                   
on photocoping without
a permit of photographer,
like italian and international,
copyright laws.

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