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                                                                       Articles of photography.


These are many articles of Gianluca Fiesoli  about the Masters of Photography, camera and technical topics.

The articles are equipped of writer images and builders, therefore are protected of copyright.

The pages are under costruction.



1) Paul Strand, the realism of photography.  

2) Is dead the Eye Square.

3) Forty years ago the death of Dorothea Lange.

4) Adieu Mister Avedon.

5) Beauty stroke, dear Doisneau  !!

6) 30 years ago the death of Herbert List.

7) Francis Wolff, a graceful look on the jazz music.     

8) Eddie Adams: images of the war.

9) Play of the hands in the dark.

10) Franco Ferrari: the witness of hatred.

11) Nikon F6.

12) Nikon D2X.

13) Ansel Adams, the universal Master.

14) Ernst Haas: the creator of lighting effects in motion.

15) Werner Bischof.

16) Oliviero Toscani.

17) Robert Mapplethorpe:  neo - classic, refinement, eros and vulgarity.

18) Nikon D700, is nearly  D3.  

19) Minor White.

20) Irving Penn.

21) Fiesoli and the photography.

22) Goodbye Gunter Sachs, interpreter of surrealy photography.     

23) Bill Eppridge, the legendary photographer.    

24) Is dead René Burri.



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