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Gianluca Fiesoli was born in Florence ( Italy ).Photo of Francesco Donadio He began to photograph when was a young boy. He is been a member

of F.I.A.F. and in the photographic association " Il Cupolone " of his town, meritorius of Italian Photography, and in the amatorial period he participated to some councorses and  like a student in a few workshops.

He has attended a part of Marangoni Foundation's school for to get know the development and the printing in black and white. For a little time has collaborated with a little travel agency as guide for the groups.

Afterwards, when is passed by professional has opened a own studio. Fiesoli has acted seminarys of reportage, wedding-services, portraits of local politics at election time.

He has published articles, images, portfolio, in magazines and journals of culture, photography and tourism guides: Touring Editore, EDT Lonley Planet, Partiamo, Il Fotografo, Universo IGM, Giunti Editore, RES, Fotografia Reflex, Firenze Spettacolo, Fotografare, Clik for Look, La Nazione Weekend, GenteViaggi, Sipa Usa ( New York ), Corriere dello Sport, Sipa Press ( Paris ), Warnews, Bonechi Editor, and more.

Some photos you can see inside the many internet web site: American Photojournalist, Nikon Italy,  Zoom Net Web Portfolio, Shutter City Web Photo, Photoimagination,  ecc. ecc.

Fiesoli has made some personal exhibitions: Teatro Tenda di Firenze ( 28 images ), Ass. Alla Cultura - Galleria Larga in Florence  ( 68 images ), ex sede della Mostra dell'Artigianato - Parterre - Comune di Firenze ( 63 images ), ecc. ecc.  and shared at collective shows in Italy and in others countries.

Gianluca Fiesoli uses all photographic formats:  Nikon F5 with lenses among 8 mm and 600 mm, in medium format works with Zenza Bronica 6 X 6 and Pentax 6 X 7 II with original lenses among 40 mm and 300 mm and in large format, external use only,  Silvestri 4"X 5"with Schneider and Rodenstock objectives. He has also a camera 13X18. For the digital photo he uses Nikon D 810.

Fiesoli keeps a fairly good knowledge of digital and the application programs of computer, Photoshop, PhotoStudio Darkroom,  Nikon Capture, Thumb Plus, Zoner Photo Studio, Adobe Master Creative Suite, Autocad, Perfect Photo Suite, Adobe Lightroom, Corel, ecc. while in a traditional photo - film he employs both the color and black and white.

This, is printed in the professional dark room with magnifiers IFF ( Industries Phototechniques Florence ).                                                             

For the outdoor portraits frequently Fiesoli uses backgrounds in polypropilene and cloths in different formats. He prefers the colours, white, red, grey, sometimes violet or black.

He's well travelled in the world.  You can see the all list  at Fiesoli's Archive.

In the 2011 he published the book " Personal observations " that is divided in six sections ( Inside the earthquakes, G8 days, Palestine and Iraq, Homeless and to live in poverty, Srebrenica 16 years later, Work ).

The book ( 202 pages, format 30X30 and 194 images ) relates his experiences and discusses the issues. You can see the presentation of book in this video on the You Tube channel:  http://youtu.be/W2pgSbaffJ0

Next time it is planned to other publication of landscape photography.

His office is situated in Sesto Fiorentino ( Florence, Italy ).

   Gianluca Fiesoli and Yasser Arafat, photo of Al Mhreb, Ramallah, West Bank  Pakistan, 1992, photo of Marisa Gualendi   Fiesoli, photo of Francesco Donadio  Burma, 1993, foto di Elisa Molè

               With Arafat, Ramallah, 2002              Pakistan, 1992, photo of                 Florence, 1992 photo    Burma, 1993 photo

                         photo of Al Mhreb                            Marisa Gualendi                      of Francesco Donadio       of Elisa Molè

   Cover of the book Personal Observations - Gianluca Fiesoli - 2012

           Cover of the book Personal Observations

( Format cm 30X30, 202 pages, 194 images, colors and black/white )




    The official book for the 100th anniversary of Nikon Corporation.




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