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Technical data of web site  www.gianlucafiesoli.com


This web site has been built for a visualization at resolution 1024X768. But the evolution from Crt screen with cathodic tube to Lcd monitor with a quality of high definition, in 4/3 and video card, graphics card, with more power have  compeled the statement of space web with an resolution beetween 1600X1200 and 1920X1200.

Therefore who visit this internet site with a greater original resolution can meet of the problems in the exact shot of the tables and the cells.

They can turn out moved and the photos altered until to see the pixel. In special mode for the images in 2009 date.

The dimension of monitor must be from 21 or more, always.

Also the famous widescreen that business of personal computer is strongly promoteing in the last years, they will have many differents in the   perspective of the pages.

The colors of the screen must be possibly the same of the profil color, so these references must be taken into account and range from the menù. The images inserted in this site are in low resolution and have like profile color - sRGB - IEC61966-2.1 ( satureted rgb ) that is of category standard, but right for the web in format JPEG ( Joint photographic expert group ).

It comes used from many producers of hardware, software and applications of image, just for the simplicity of the tones. It is not fit for the stamps. In fact, when we make a choise of work print we prefers to use Tiff format.  This is a perfect in the variations of the shadings.

The black and white is based on profile with gray gamma 2.2. that it determines the brightness of half tones. Just in relationship of monitor contrast  ( 3000: 1 or 2000: 1 ) and brightness ( 300 cd/m2 - tip ) that they must be high and is advised these for not see the sparkling of images that human eye can perceive.

These photos have however a low number of pixel. Their developement come from a scansion with drum scanner for film or cibachrome, otherwise from digital file and with a correction of Photoshop or other programs.

At last you must look the screen with higher visualization ( 32 bit ) that include 16.800.000 colors, the Dpi on 96, while the frequency from 60 to 75 Hz.

You absolutely not to forget the anisotropic filter that must be under the total control of application or program that you are using.

With  Mozilla, Firefox, SeaMonkey there are of incompatibility and if is not installed Java runtime or the plug in, you can have many differences on the link, in special way in the versions before of the 1.04.01 of Firefox.

Its same for beta Safari of Apple for S. O. Windows, Opera and Google Chrome.

Without the program Adobe Macromedia Flash Player is not possible to see and to open the buttons of the internal sections.  

For old  versions of browser Netscape you need of  Adobe Shockwave.

The best browsers for to see this web space are Internet Explorer 6, version 7, 8, 9, 10 and the last Beta 11.

Since the images are many,  even if in low resolution,  logon ADSL is advised to use one.

Finally, please note that all images have a very light filigree within them.



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Tutte le fotografie sono di proprietà di
Gianluca Fiesoli.
Nessuna parte dell’Archivio
può essere riprodotta o trasmessa
o fotocopiata senza
 il permesso del fotografo,
come da leggi italiane e internazionali
sui diritti d’autore.

All photos are property of
Gianluca Fiesoli.
No part of Fiesoli’s Archive
may be reproduced or pass                   
on photocoping without
a permit of photographer,
like italian and international,
copyright laws.

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